What is having a nosey?

Having a Nosey is a digital first and print publication primarily for women and those who identify as non-binary. We are an online safe space to read personal stories, find information and different perspectives on social issues, and discover a new form of lifestyle and fashion content. We also share stories from successful female and non-binary creatives.

Do you accept submissions?

We select our feature writers very carefully who all submit to us on a weekly basis, but if you think you have a really special piece and aren't ready to commit to us exclusively (we know the feeling), shoot us an email via our contact form. If we like your pitch, we'll be happy to read and possibly publish your work. 

Are you hiring?

At the moment our small team plus our fantastic feature writers are all we need, but keep checking back at this FAQ page to see if our response changes. 


Where can i buy the magazine?

You can buy print and digital copies here!

Do you have social media?

Yes! Our main platform is Instagram, @havinganosey. 

where are you based?

All over the place! Our main team is based between the outskirts of London all the way down to Devon. We all work remotely so you can find us anywhere. Some of our lovely feature writers are even over in the US! 

How can i be featured on having a nosey?

If you identify as a female, trans-female, or non-binary person that works in the creative industry we would love to hear from you! Whether you're an artist, writer, photographer, or entrepreneur, we're always looking for new people to interview about their work and share it with our audience. We're all about supporting each other and lifting each other up here so if you're looking to get your work or business out there just send us an email via our contact form.