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The Having a Nosey Podcast: Episode 3 with Jasmine MacPhee, Founder of Find Your Intern

Jasmine MacPhee is the founder of Find Your Intern, a platform that advertises paid only fashion and creative internships alongside providing interns with CV templates, cover letter workshops, and interview tips. Her aim has been to create a full-circle channel in which students can find an internship they love, develop their CV and cover letters, and interview prep to give them the best chance of getting a paid position.

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The Having a Nosey Podcast: Episode 2 with Jazz Moodie, Founder of Mude Threads

Jazz Moodie, a feminist artist and founder of empowering brand ‘Mude Threads’, makes it her mission to encourage women to love and embrace their natural bodies through art in a non-sexualised way. Through her business, she embroiders and hand paints the female form onto clothing and accessories, and even completes custom commissions. For these commissions, women send Jazz their nudes for her to create wearable art from.

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The Having a Nosey Podcast: Episode 1 with Charlotte Johnstone, Graphic Designer

Charlotte Johnstone, a successful graphic designer, has worked everywhere from Noctis Magazine to Pro Direct. She was one of the winners of the Secret Seven competition and is ferociously ambitions when it comes to her career. In this podcast episode Georgia Gadsby, the founder of Having a Nosey, interviews Charlotte about her experience in the creative industry, delving into everything from Charlotte’s career journey to the difference between working with men and women.

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