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The Grades I Got When I Was Mentally Ill are Not a Reflection of My Intelligence

* Trigger Warning: This article contains discussions on severe mental health issues and suicide *

Throughout my whole life I’ve been the smart kid. From elementary to junior high I was always at the top of my class; in high school, all of my classes were either Honours or AP (advanced placement). However, this thing called depression and anxiety came into my life and since then it has taken its toll.

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5 Mental Health Apps You Need on Your Phone

In the twenty first century, we must utilise what this social media centric world can offer us. God, we accept the pain and turmoil it forces upon us, so we must accept the fruits that exist too. The apps below allow you to feel timid, shy and exhausted whenever you want, all while never feeling alone. You never should. To those of us struggling with our mental wellness, allow these apps to help you centralise your breathing, organise your terrifying thoughts, and catalogue your tsunamis of attacks.

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Grief after Losing My Grandmother

I felt my heart hurting for the whole week before her death, it was like a part of me was mourning her before she even passed. I was an anxious mess. I found out she had cysts on her kidneys, her heart was enlarged, and her organs were failing. I knew she was passing, but then she did demo-dialysis and she was in good spirits. I sent her a video message telling her to get better because I’m going to see her soon, but she died the following week.

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Why ‘Hot or Not’ and ‘Who Wore it Better’ Features in Magazines Are Encouraging Comparison and Self-Hate.

When scrolling through the web this week, I stumbled across another one of those ‘Hot and Not’ segments following a recent awards show. I dislike these kind of put downs at the best of times, but this one in particular featured a fifteen year old girl on it’s worst dressed list. How are we supposed to empower young women to accomplish great things when there are external sources doing their best to disempower them before they have even begun?

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