Trump Supporters: We Can't Be Friends

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“Make America Great Again”? what a coincidence that the KKK’s slogan is “Make America WHITE Again”.

Words by Selena Arroyo


Because nationality, race and ethnicity may come across differently in the UK and America, it should be noted that  the term “white” and “black” in America refer to someone’s race/ancestry, not necessarily the colour of their skin.

This article is not meant to offend any actual orange Cheetos.


People seem to think those who lose friends or choose friends based on their political standing are ridiculous. I agree.  Just because I’m a democrat, doesn’t mean I’m not going to speak to a republican, it’s just silly. The problem arises when we’re dealing with a white supremacist that spews hatred, racism, bigotry, and the list goes on. It is no longer about “political opinions”, it’s about being a decent human being.  

Having grown up around Filipinos, African-Americans, Samoans, and other Latinos, I was raised to be accepting, kind and respectful to people of various cultures. I also have the privilege of studying at a Private International University in London where I’m surrounded by a beautiful mix of different cultures and nationalities whether it be Arabs, Pakistanis, Hungarians, Dutch, Spanish, German etc. and I’m very proud of the fact that I was raised to be so open and accepting.

As a daughter of a beautiful, strong and courageous Mexican immigrant (to all the racists out there: she’s been an American citizen for years, so try again) I was extremely upset by the comments Trump made of the Mexican people. My nationality is American, but my ethnicity is Latina and I’m very proud of it. I can assure you that Mexico does not bring their worst; they are not rapists or murderers; on the contrary, they bring their very best.

Even though their blood bleeds green, white and red, they make the brave choice to either swim or walk for long hours in the burning hot sun, to a whole new country to make a better life for their families. The ones that come to America for a better life are not rapists, or murderers; they’re hard workers who bust their asses everyday trying to make the life of their children a lot easier than what they went through. They grew up poor and decided early on that their children would have a better life.

Even though their blood bleeds green, white and red, they make the brave choice to either swim or walk for long hours in the burning hot sun, to a whole new country to make a better life for their families.

I hope people realise that when the orange cheeto was speaking about Mexico, he was also referring to the rest of Latino America, and fellow brown and black people, or did we forget the “Muslim” ban? Or how about the innocent black men being shot by cops?  His hatred toward POC is disgusting and for a man whose wife was allegedly an illegal immigrant herself, I’m not sure where his hatred for immigrants came from.



Yeah, I forgot, it’s because they’re not white. He only hates brown and black immigrants, but If I was him I’d be more scared of white people.They’re the ones shooting schools and churches and creating fear in places that are meant to feel the safest, but that’s a whole other article for another day.

Because my mum crossed the border, I had the opportunity to travel across the Atlantic to London and get both my Bachelor’s and now my MBA, so to all the white supremacists out there - NO. Mexico does not send their worst, their very best come to America and work in jobs that most Americans, especially white Americans would never do. They work past the typical 9-5, in the fields from early morning to late. Their skin is rubber, their bodies are tired, but their eyes are filled with hope and a lot of love, knowing their efforts will one day amount to something. Then, their beautiful children, of all shades and colours, continue to work, whether it be in a 9-5 or getting degrees so their parents know all their hard work and efforts meant something.

My mami is proud because she just happened to create a daughter who is just as acceptant, respectful and cultured as her mother and who is too overqualified to speak to uneducated white trash supremacists that condone the President’s actions; and that includes the Cheeto himself.