About Having a Nosey

Having a Nosey began its journey in March 2018 when the idea sprang to mind. Our founder realised that she was going on different platforms to read different articles rather than finding everything she needed in one place. Looking to fashion bloggers for the latest trend updates, then to activists for news involving social justice affairs, to career websites for career inspiration, and finally to YouTube to hear personal stories. There was nothing that held all the information she needed as a modern woman. It was then that the idea for Having a Nosey was born. 

We have created a platform that provides entertainment as well as information and education. We take pride in the fact that we offer different perspectives on current affairs and social issues while also providing you with honest relationship advice and tips on what to wear this season. Women (and non-binary people) today are not one dimensional. We do not only care about clothes and accessories, nor are we just focused on social justice. We are allowed to have different interests and Having a Nosey holds it all.

We are a digital first (and soon to be print!) publication primarily for women and those who identify as non-binary. We are an online safe space to read personal stories, find information and different perspectives on social issues, and discover a new form of lifestyle and fashion content. We share stories from successful female and non-binary creatives and provide you with career and life advice to help you excel. 

We are Having a Nosey.

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